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Power Washing Service

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Power Clean Away Those Filthy Areas

THE HANDYMAN CREW professionals with 20 years+ experience in home improvement are ready to help you power clean your house, whether you need to renovate your areas to make them look pristine. COVID-19 and all those nasty viruses and bacteria won't stand a chance! We always take a pride for every single project.

THE HANDYMAN CREW Pressure Washing cleans all types of structures including outdoor malls, restaurants, office buildings, parking structures, downtown city areas, banks, industrial plants and much more.

We will customize our high-quality services specifically for your home improvement or business. Let us know how we can help to maintain your exteriors fresh and clean.

Total Exterior Cleaning

Building exteriors, parking lots, garages and windows need to be cleaned on a regular schedule. The handy man crew Pressure Washing cleans using high pressure hot water, scrubbing and treating with bio-safe cleaners to renew and maintain a clean exterior appearance thus eliminating nasty viruses, bacterias, H1N1, COVID-19 and all common infectious patogens.

Our Pressure Washing uses the latest technology and equipment to capture, filtrate, and dispose of waste water in an environmentally safe.

Let your areas be truly clean and patogen free.

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  • We provide the best service money can get.
  • We implement the newest design methodologies
  • Our crew has more than 20 years of experience for you

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Check out these before and after transformations. This could be your house now!

Before and after reno
Before and after reno
Before and after reno
Before and after reno
Before and after reno

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